The Dean Browski Show – NFL 2014 Week 6

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Week 6 in the NFL and Dean still can’t get the technology right. This week’s show was recorded in wav format for reasons that are unknown. Stress has a slim lead on Dean, while Stormin won the week and inches back into the race.The Dean Browski Show

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The Dean Browski Show – NFL 2014 Week 5

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Week 5 in the NFL. Stress has a lead on Dean in the Picks Pool, with Stormin picking up the rear.The Dean Browski Show

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The Dean Browski Show – NFL 2014 Week 3

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Tennessee Titans Cheerleader

The 2014-15 NFL season is upon us, which means Dean and Stormin are also upon you. Don’t act like you don’t like it!The Dean Browski Show

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The Dean Browski Show – NFL 2014 Week 2

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The 2014-15 NFL season is upon us, which means Dean and Stormin are also upon you. Don’t act like you don’t like it!The Dean Browski Show For listeners of this episode, here is the link to the last time Penn St. played Rutgers and Mike McQueary was the QB who is now speculated to have had gambling interests in the outcome of the game. The Nittany Lions were 20 point favorites and up 18 at the time of the last minute deep TD throw. There was even a quick little cat fight between Joe Paterno and Doug Graber at the hand shake.

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The Dean Browski Show – NFL 2014 Week 1

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The 2014-15 NFL season is upon us, which means Dean and Stormin are also upon you. Don’t act like you don’t like it! The Dean Browski Show

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kansas-cheerleadersWhat a Super Bowl! Don’t know about you, but ol’ Saint Dougie couldn’t have done without that second week of blabbering blowhards on tv and their hype machine to get me ready for that barnburner of a ball game. Yep, the National Head Trauma League gave us an ol’ granddaddy of a contest with that one. Richard Sherman vs. Peyton Manning! What a story line! Wow-wee-woo! Goosebumps! Goosebumps I’m telling you! Now here’s what I want you Fantasy Football lovers and you cats that watch those scintillating Titans/Browns slobberknockers on Thursday nights. I want you to go on the Indiana Purdue Ft. Wayne website and order yourself up a Mastodon t-shirt or maybe head over to Stephen F. Austin’s site for a Lumberjack hoody. And then I want you to repeat after me: “It’s 45 days to the Dance, cat daddy!” “It’s 45 days until the Dance, cat daddy.”

Shrink. Shrank. Shrunk. Oh you Arizona Wildcats! Just when we were getting used to a 3 team race for last man standing, you done went and got whacked at Cal on Saturday night when most of the college b-ball world was still trying to process the epic Duke vs. Syracuse banger in the Dome that just went down. On top of that, you said goodbye for the season to starting 4 and main interior scoring threat, Brandon Ashley. Not good out in the desert. Not good at all.

Wichita State – 23-0 (Yawn. 2 more double digit W’s vs. Loyola Chi-town and Evansville -both at home. Evansville did lead by 15 in the middle of the first half for what that’s worth. And now here comes the one little game that most Missouri Valley Conference fans predicted would be the Shockers undoing on Wednesday night at the home of Larry Joe Bird in Terre Haute, IN, Indiana State. The Sycamores are 17-5 and fully capable of making this a one team list next week. Get your rest, Wu Shock.

Syracuse – 21-0 (Well, you gotta hand it to the Orange. A road win at Wake Forest and then they take complete control of the ACC with an instant classic W over the Dookies. CJ Fair and Tyler Ennis had every answer. And that length and athleticism is impressive. Ask Jabari Parker about it. Home games against Notre Dame and Clemson this week should have the Orange at 23-0 before heading to the Pete at Pitt on 2/12.)


2/3/14: #16 Iowa State at #19 Oklahoma State – 9 PM – ESPN (The Cowboys and the pre-season fave for Player of the Year, Marcus Smart (9 for 32 in OK St’s last 2 games!), have lost 3 of 4 and are reeling since losing interior force Michael Cobbins for the season. Cyclone City has lost 3 of 5. Something’s gotta give.)

2/4/14: Mississippi at #18 Kentucky – 7 PM – ESPN U (Hey you little freshmen Wildcats? You wanna see how a senior parties? Wait! Marshall Henderson is clean and sober and letting fly like always – no partying here! (19 3’s launched in a single game this week. IN. ONE. GAME.) Surely Rupp Arena will be happy to see him and the Rebs, who could use a Dance defying at large bid resume building win. Second place at stake in the SEC.

2/5/14 – #4 Wichita State at Indiana State – 8:05 pm – ESPN 3 – (Well, this is as big as it gets in the Valley this year. The Shockers have the biggest bulls eye in a Mid-Major conference since the Murray State Racers of ’11-’12. Terre Haute oughta be on fire. Would a win get the Sycs an at- large dance sniff?)

2/5/14 – #5 San Diego State at Boise State –9:15 pm – CBS Sports Network – (The Aztecs and coach Steve Fisher of Fab 5 fame tackle a tough Bronco outfit on the road as the Broncos try to build their own dance resume. Long and springy Aztecs gaining serious national love.)

2/6/14 – #22 UConn at #7 Cincinnati – 7 pm – ESPN (The Bearcats have won 14 straight with as little fanfare as you’ll see. The Huskies and Shabazz Napier visit Ohio.)

2/8/14 – #10 Michigan at #17 Iowa – 2 pm – ESPN (Tough loss for Wolverines at Indiana this weekend. Young Roy Marble, Jr. and the Hawks try to defend the Carver.)


#1) Doug McDermott – Sr. – Creighton – 25 ppg and 7.1 rbg. 39 and a game winner against St. John’s this week. This exercise is about academic. Dougie Fresh has got this on lock.

#2) CJ Fair – Sr. – Jr. – Syracuse – 17.2 ppg and. 28 in the Dome against Duke. The silky smooth lefty may be the only one with a shot at Dougie’s crown should the ‘Cuse keep winning and the Jays slide a bit with Dougie playing badly in the slide.

#3) Cleanthony Early – Sr. – Wichita State – 16.2 ppg, 6.5 boards. His highest spot to date for Early. Defend that 0 and play as smooth as he has and he’s here for awhile.

#4) Jabari Parker – Fr. – Duke – 18 and 8 boards. Rejected at the rim in the Dome multiple times. Not to be deterred. 15 and 9 before fouling out on a tough charge call in the waning minutes.

#5) Xavier Thames – Sr. – San Diego State – 18 ppg. Averaged 27.5 and 5 in two Aztecs wins. Dean Browski himself left with a shrug after watching him play in person two weeks back.


#1) Harvard Crimson – 17-3, 4-0 in the Ivy. The Crimson rise to the top. Home W’s over Penn and Princeton over the weekend. Tommy Amaker’s boys are not going to be a welcome partner for anyone in the Dance. Currently tracking somewhere around a 10 seed in the dance. Can they run the Ivy table? 2/22/14 at Princeton will be a banger.

#2) Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens – 16-7, 8-0 in the Colonial Athletic. 10 and counting for the Hens after a harrowing 62-61 escape against 6-16 UNC Wilmington on Saturday. Forward Carl Baptiste is starting to give the Hens an inside presence to go along with their guards now. Saint Dougie and friends will be in the house for the Colonial Athletic Conference title game on 3/10/14. Hens looking more and more like they’ll surely be there.

#3) Green Bay Phoenix – 18-4, 8-1 in the Horizon. 12 game wins streak was snapped in the confounding 15 point loss to Valparaiso doesn’t help at large chances for the Phoenix. 7-1 Alec Brown did not play in the loss however.

#4) Toledo Rockets – 17-2, 5-1 in the MAC (West). 5 straight wins after a two game losing streak. Balance? The entire Rockets starting 5 averages at least 10 ppg. They average 83.2 ppg, good for 12th in the nation. Guard Rian Pearson stirs the drink. A W at Boston College and 5 road wins might not be enough of a case for an at large. Keep winning Rockets.

#5) Indiana Purdue at Ft Wayne Mastodons – 18-6, 6-1 in the Summit. They take the spot of conference foe, North Dakota State as the Bison fell by 4 at 11-11 Denver on Saturday. The Mastodons have won 5 of 6.

Others to watch: Stony Brook – 16-7, 8-1 in the America East, Stephen F. Austin LUMBERJACKS – 18-2, 7-0 in the Southland, North Dakota State – 16-6, 5-2 in the Summit, American Eagles – 14-7, 10-0 in the Patriot League, Georgia State – 15-6, 8-0 in the Sun Belt

Billy Baron – Sr., Canisius Golden Griffins, 23.7 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 4.7 assists. The nation’s 5th leading scorer has helped the Golden Griffins (Love!) to 7 wins in their last 8 games with high scoring prowess. The Griffins now sit alone atop the strangely intriguing MAAC Conference race. Shooting 47% from the field and 90% from the line, the 6-2 Baron has 5 30 point games and hasn’t scored lower than 9 in a game all season.

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hotpittcheerleaderpittsFebruary and its mere 28 days is ever closer and blessed March will soon be upon us. 51 days till the Dance now. Get out your checklist. Did you get a new suit? Did you get some new wingtips? Got your girl’s corsage? Did you get a 21 year old to buy you your booze? Cop adjoining rooms at a local hotel for the after party? Good. Good. Good. Ain’t no sense not being prepared. You know whom is prepared for the Dance? Your Saintliness is. That’s whom. I wouldn’t let the masses of fans down. Not now and not ever.

Now then… the hoop landscape is starting to take shape across conferences. Contenders are rearing their heads. Pretenders are crawling back to their holes. Yet unlike college football, each and every single D-I team (I’m talking to you Grambling!) is still alive and still has a shot to dance – multiple losses be damned.

If Saint Dougie had an intern, I’d tell her to please let me know when the last time we’ve reached February and still had three undefeated teams because we are sure getting close. This is getting crazy and while winning on the road in conference play, no matter the opponent, is difficult, I fully believe that Wichita State and Arizona have a damn fine look at getting to at least their conference tournaments unscathed. Good for them. Good for you. Good for all of us hoop heads. Syracuse? I believe their path to the zero is paved with landmines. For now, let’s analyze.

Wichita State – 21-0 (2 road W’s, whacking Illinois State and Drake by 15 and 17 respectively. On one hand, it’s Illinois State and Drake. On the other hand, Wichita State on the road in the Valley is getting an entire arena and city’s passion and best game planning to try and knock them down. Wu Shock ain’t having it. Simply ain’t having it. 5 more road games in the conference and circle the one at Indiana State, a mere game behind Wu at 7-1 in the league.)

Arizona – 20-0 (Dispatched injury depleted Colorado and a so-so Utah squad at home by 12 and 9 respectively. While neither win was super impressive and the ‘Cats failed to reach 70 points in either game, the results are the results. Plenty of potential L’s for Arizona but at Stanford and at Cal this week poses two tough road venue tests.)

Syracuse – 19-0 (A one game week and a less than impressive W over Miami on the road on Saturday. The ‘Cuse hasn’t scored 70 in either of their last 4 W’s. And yet, here they are. Are they deep enough? Do they shoot it well enough? Is Boeheim grouchy and cantankerous enough?)

While last week didn’t have a super slate of games, this week is much, much better. Consider:

1/27/14 – #16 Duke at #17 Pitt – 7 pm – ESPN – Oakland Zoo, meet the Devil. Devil, meet the Oakland Zoo.
Who guards little Lamar Patterson for the Devils? Bonus footage: Lamar Patterson rapping at the 1 minute mark!
1/27/14 – #8 Ok St at #23 Oklahoma – 9 pm – ESPN – Fresh off his temper tantrum, poor game and apology on Saturday, Mr. Smart takes the Cowboys to OK for the bedlam game.
1/28/14 – #7 Michigan St. at #12 Iowa – 7 pm – ESPN – Wounded Sparty vs. surging Iowa. Another Big 10 WAR.
1/29/14 – #16 Iowa St at #6 Kansas – 9 pm – ESPNU – Is Deandre Kane able? Is Kansas really peaking into a win it all team? Embiid and Wiggins going 1-2 or 2-1 in the NBA draft? Story lines abound.
1/30/14 – #13 Cincinnati at #7 Louisville – 7 pm – ESPN – The American Conference’s first super showdown. Sean Kilpatrick is a big physical slept on guard for Mick Cronin’s Bearcats. Russ Smith has something to say.
2/1/14 – #16 Duke at #2 Syracuse – 6:30 pm – ESPN – They’ve been camping out for tickets to this game for a month already. The Devils in the Dome. Shooting beats a zone and Duke has shooting.

#1) Doug McDermott – Sr. – Creighton – 24, 7 boards, the quietest 23/5/3 ever in the rout of Nova, 14/10 in a 5-15 from the field in a win over Georgetown (He’s human!)
#2) Nick Johnson – Jr. – Jr. – Arizona – 17 ppg. Nick had his usual 18 and 22 in wins over Colorado and Utah this week, shooting 50% from the field. His defense and leadership are huge as well.
#3) Nik Stauskas – So. – Michigan – 18.5 ppg, 4 boards, 4 assists. Welcome, Nik. Welcome, Canada. Is there a player more improved and hotter right now in the country? No Mitch McGary and Nik puts the Wolverines on his back. 23, 26 and 19 in his last 3 as the Wolverines won 3 straight games against Top 10 opponents.
#4) Jabari Parker – Fr. – Duke – 18 and 8 boards. Two weeks off the report, now back on following 15.5 ppg and 14.5 boards per game in Duke’s routs over Miami and Florida State.
#5) CJ Fair – Sr. – Syracuse – 17 and 6 boards. The numbers have been slightly down but every time the Orange need a play, Fair delivers. 19-0 is a big factor in his Player of the Year consideration

#1) Green Bay Phoenix – 17-3, 7-0 in the Horizon. 12 straight wins. Double digit wins over Oakland and Detroit at home for Mr. Keifer Sykes and company. 7-1 Alec Brown riding shotgun as well. Clinging to that win at Virginia as resume builder should things go bad in the Horizon Tournament. Green Bay seems headed to the dance as somewhere around an 11 or 12 seed. Don’t sleep.
#2) Toledo Rockets – 17-2, 5-1 in the MAC (West). 5 straight wins after a two game losing streak. Balance? The entire Rockets starting 5 averages at least 10 ppg. They average 83.2 ppg, good for 12th in the nation. Guard Rian Pearson stirs the drink. A W at Boston College and 5 road wins might not be enough of a case for an at large. Keep winning Rockets.
#3) Harvard Crimson – 15-3, 2-0 in the Ivy. The Ivy was quiet over the last two weeks as mid-terms went down for the student athletes. Harvard is almost back at full health and blasted Dartmouth by 30 yesterday. 12-3 Princeton visits Harvard Friday night for a monster match.
#4) North Dakota State Bison – 15-5, 4-1 in the Summit. Sporting a W over Notre Dame at Notre Dame is nice. Taylor Braun is nicer. Dude leads team in scoring (19 ppg.), rebounding (5.1 rbg), dimes (4.1 apg) and steals (1.9 spg). He’s on a mission and we all should hope to see this competitor in the Dance come March. However, the Mastodons of Indiana-Purdue at Ft. Wayne are lurking in the Summit as well.
#5) Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens – 14-7, 6-0 in the Colonial Athletic. This team is seriously on the rise. 8 straight wins with a high octane 3 and 4 guard offense. Devon Saddler is a monster. As he and the Hens shrugged off a brutal early schedule with brutal losses – ready? – losses by 2,2,4,5 & 7 amongst their 7 – this team is rising rapidly. Not much juice on the non-con, the Hens will have to rise out of the CAA Tourney in Baltimore come March to dance.

Others to watch: Stony Brook – 15-6, 7-0 in the America East, Mercer Bears – 17-5, 8-1 in the Atlantic Sun, Northern Colorado Bears – 13-4, 7-1 in the Big Sky, Stephen F. Austin LUMBERJACKS – 18-2, 7-0 in the Southland.

A new feature this week… UNSUNG PLAYER RISING
Ike Izotam – Sr., Quinnipiac Bobcats, 16.6 ppg, 11.7 rpg. Saint Dougie took this dude in during the ESPN Tip Off Marathon in the 9 am game at LaSalle. Couldn’t stop watching this musclehead Barkley’esque rebounding machine. 6-7, 240 and never stops. Has the Bobcats at a sneaky 7-3 in the MAAC and also has them leading the country in rebounding. I like Ike.

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College Basketball Periodical

Sexy-NCAA-Basketball-CheerleadersMy dear friends,

As the tweets, texts, Facebook messages and Google+ alerts kept rolling in last night, numbering deep into the thousands, it was at that point, with great sorrow, that I realized that St. Dougie had left down the masses. My boss Dean Browski even sent a messenger to Bishop McDevitt High School last night to make sure everything was okay. (Thanks, Dean! The croissants she brought me were excellent and she said that you picked her skirt and boot combo. Excellent work, my friend!)

But I digress… Never again, will your saintliness let something as insignificant as work get in the way of the weekly Monday College Basketball update that gets so many hardworking men, women and children across the country through the work week ahead. So here we are now, 59 days until that first glorious Thursday of March Madness and I may be a day late and a dollar short, but that ain’t no thing.

I present to you the latest College Basketball update…

Wichita State – 19-0 (Wu Shock takes Bradley and Indiana State behind the woodshed in back to back 20/22 point blastings. Indiana State had beaten Purdue and Notre Dame and was thought to be a tough opponent for the Wu. Um… yeah…)
Arizona – 18-0 (An absolute mauling of in-state neighbor Arizona State in their only game of the week last week. Scary. Good. All the pieces.)
Syracuse – 18-0 (Survived a Big East… I mean ACC… tussle with Pitt in the Dome on Saturday, trailing by a point 1:30 to go. 2 road games this week but the Orange should get to 20-0.)

1/20/14 – #24 Creighton at #4 Villanova – 7 pm – Fox Sports 1 (Ummmm….. scratch this! This was penciled in BEFORE Creighton went Firestarter on the Wachovia Center’s nets last night. Absurd. A very short stay in the Top 5 for Nova Nation.)
1/21/14 – Boise State at New Mexico – 9:15 pm – CBS Sports Network (The Mountain West is balanced. San Diego State is a monster. Can one of these teams challenge? And have you seen New Mexico’s Cameron Bairstow yet? Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!)
1/22/14 – #10 Iowa at #24 Michigan – 7 pm – Big 10 Network (Michigan loses Mitch McGary and wins 5 straight in the Big 10. Not bad. Not bad.)
1/25/14 – #24 Michigan at #2 Michigan State – 7 pm – ESPN (Sparty welcomes the Wolverines with open arms. Not.)

#1) Doug McDermott, Sr., Creighton, 24.8 and 7.1 boards on the year. Ho-hummed his way to the quietest 23/5/3 line you’ll ever see last night in the rout of Nova. Efficient scorer. That’s what he is.

#2) Marcus Smart, So., Oklahoma State, 17.8, 5.8 boards, 4.4 assists. Only Mr. Smart can shoot 3-14 and 0-6 from 3 in a loss against Kansas and yet have a dominant hand in the game. 16/10/9/4 steals and had the Cowboys a 3 away.

#3) Nick Johnson, Jr., Arizona, 16.3. Johnson’s 17 helped ‘Zona in their only game last week. The oil in the Wildcats well oiled machine.

#4) Casey Prather, Sr., Florida, 17.3, 5.5 boards. The Florida senior makes his first appearance. Sitting out 10 days with a knee issue, he drops 21 and 6 in a Gator win. Consistency.

#5) Xavier Thames, Sr., San Diego State, 17, 3 and 3. Welcome to the list, Xavier! Welcome. San Diego State and a boss of a coach Steve Fisher have sneakily risen to #7, beating Kansas, Creighton and Marquette along the way and had Arizona down late in the 2nd half in their only loss. Thames is their leader. And I was sick of putting a Syracuse player on the list.

Green Bay Phoenix, 15-3/5-0 in the Horizon. 10 straight W’s, 12 outta 13, with a nice win over a tough Virginia squad and a 3 pt loss at Wisconsin. America, meet Mr. Keifer Sykes! 21 ppg. And this kinda stuff …

Stony Brook Seawolves, 13-6/5-0 in the America East. 4 straight W’s in blowout fashion. Just when they disappeared for two weeks… The Seawolves have a soft spot in St. Dougie’s heart. Stumbling around early, they will still need to win the America East Tourney. But should they dance, they got a shot behind big Jameel Warney (16 and 9) and some solid guard play. And if you see a Seawolf in the street? Fear not. Ancient myth says it’s good luck.

Mercer Bears, 15-5/6-1 in the Atlantic Sun and a nice little matchup Thursday night with Florida Gulf Coast for the league lead. You know this league isn’t too bad based off the Coasters dance ride last year. Mercer has beaten Seton Hall, Mississippi and lost at Texas by 3. Winners of 10 of their last 11.

Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens, 13-7/5-0 in the Colonial Athletic Conference, winners of 7 straight, have a close 3 point loss at Villanova and played Ohio St and Notre Dame very tough. Explosive guard Devon Saddler is back from injury and averaging 22 a night, including a run of 24, 25, 26, 22, 23 in his last 5. As a bonus, a key member of Lancaster Catholic’s ’11 District III-AAA title team, Devonne Pinkard gets nice tick for the Hens. Saint Dougie eyeing a ride down to see the Hens coming up.

Boston University Terriers, 13-6/6-0 in the Patriot, winners of 6 straight, have a win over Maryland at Maryland an OT loss to Harvard. The Terriers have taken up residence at the top of the Patriot League led by guard Maurice Watson, Jr. and his pal DJ Irving, two Philly guards. St. Dougie loves Philly guards. Saint Dougie thinking he may have to check Boston U at Bucknell this weekend.

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The Dean Browski Show – NFL 2013 Conference Championships

Be a friend of The Dean, it’s good to know some people.

Dean and Stormin discuss Patriots v Broncos and 49ers v Seahawks. Learn why all the girls love how Stormin scissors and much more. The Dean Browski Show

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College Basketball Periodical

St Dougie Image Bikini hoops
Conference play has now begun with the exception of the Ancient 8 – The Ivy League and a few other mid and low major leagues, including the A-10, the MAC, the Northeast, the Big South and Big West and Conference USA . Low and Mid-Major squads that had designs on putting at-large NCAA Tournament candidacies together with some non-con juice are just about out of luck at this point. They’re going to have to make hay within their conferences and in low and mid-major leagues, the chance for scalps are slim and none within their respective leagues. At this point in the season, you’d be hard pressed to pick an odds on title favorite. You could easily make a case for a dozen to fifteen teams to go on a 6-0 run in March and early April and become the king.

Undefeated (6)

Arizona – 15-0 (Defense, defense, defense. Spearheading their D is versatile frosh Aaron Gordon, with ability to guard all 5 spots on the floor. Rolled Washington State, holding them to 25 points this past week. 25! Washington gave them a battle but the 0 remains.)

Wisconsin – 15-0 (Got all they could handle from #22 Iowa yesterday but back to back technicals by boneheaded Iowa coach Fran McCafferty midway through second half really turned the tide. Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky are tough.)

Wichita State – 15-0 (WuShock has hair made of wheat. Well, he is a stalk of wheat so that makes sense. Fred VanFleet is rapidly developing into one of the nation’s premier point guards. Road game at Missouri State Saturday is no gimme.)

Ohio State – 15-0 (Brutus visits Sparty tomorrow night at 9 pm. Wow-wee-woo! My guess is that this list shrinks by 1 next week.)

Syracuse – 14-0 (Got all they could handle from an improving but still rather pedestrian Miami at the Dome on Saturday in a game played in the 40’s. Skitzo UNC visits the Dome on Saturday.)

Iowa State – 13-0 (The team with the least fanfare on this list by a wide margin but a resume that stacks up with the rest of this pack and then some. Baylor visits Ames tomorrow night.)

Defeated (1)

Cornell – 0-13 (Rocked by St. Bonnie by 24 on Saturday. Alas, a D-II team visits on 1/11. That should wrap the defeated list for the year.)

Games of the Week:
1/7 – Ohio State (3) at Michigan St. (5) – 9 pm – ESPN (BIG TIME.)
1/7 – Baylor (9) at Iowa State (13) – 7 pm – ESPN2 (Welcome to Ames, Baylor.)
1/8 – Harvard at Connecticut (17) – 7 pm – ESPNU (The Crimson are 13-1. This would be a great resume maker should they not somehow win the Ivy.)
1/9 – Memphis (18) at Louisville (14) – 7 pm – ESPN (Old Metro Conference foes get reacquainted in the American – for one year anyway – Louisville flees to the ACC next year.)
1/11 – UNC (19) at Syracuse (2) – 12 pm – ESPN (Will the real UNC please stand up, please stand up?)

Bracket Busters:
Harvard – 13-1, Went to Rice on Saturday and peeled their cap back. MONSTER game at UConn tomorrow night. The Crimson are for real. Sweet 16 potential.
Florida Gulf Coast – 9-7, A tough early schedule with road games and a new coach to boot, Dunk City has won 4 of 5 and are off to 3-0 start in the Atlantic Sun.
Green Bay – 11-3, 2-0 in the Horizon, winners of 6 straight by convincing margins. Only lost to Wisconsin at Wisconsin by 3 earlier this season. The Phoenix have gotten my attention.
Mahattan – 11-2, 4-0 in the MAAC, winners of 8 straight, including an 18 point blasting of SEC team South Carolina on road. The Jaspers are led by George Beamon’s 21.6 and 7 boards a night.)
North Dakota State – 11-4, winners of 9 of their last 10. Taylor Braun is the kind of senior to lead a team to a Big Dance win.

Player of the Year:
#1) Doug McDermott, Creighton, Sr., 24.7, 7.5 boards, 90% at foul line, 43% from field – (Teach me how to Dougie. The consistency is the thing.)
#2) Aaron Gordon, Arizona, Fr., 12.4, 8 boards – (Much like the Heisman, the team being undefeated helps. Being the most versatile defender on the best defensive team in the country really helps.)
#3) Jabari Parker, Duke, Fr., 20.4, 7.7 boards, 51% from field – (Falls two spots after horrendous game in Duke’s loss at Notre Dame. 7 points, 4 boards, benched by K down the stretch.)
#4) Cleanthony Early, Wichita St., Sr, 16.6, 7.5 boards – (If you haven’t watched this silky smooth cat, get on board. Gives the Shocks whatever they need, whenever they need it.)
#5) CJ Fair, Syracuse, Sr., 17.2, 5.6 boards, 1.6 steals – (Undefeated ‘Cuse’s most indispensable player.)

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